Choices Family

A ‘not for profit’ social enterprise, Choices Family is a charitable organisation working with local residents to improve their lives and build stronger, supportive, communities.

Our main aim is to provide affordable assistance to families seeking help in their time of need, and support them through various issues, providing them with a sense of security and family. Our clients can be honest and open, without any fear of judgment, and with complete trust.

In spite of the close relationships between clients and staff, professional boundaries are always observed, creating a safe environment in which such support can be given.

Mission Statement

Choices Family is committed to making a positive difference to families and individuals, enabling them to transform their lives. Such a change inspires and empowers them to create positive futures and become confident, competent and caring members of their community. Choices Family provides a range of therapeutic, supportive and personal development services. Choices Family strengthens communities, by providing committed volunteers, and demonstrating leadership and standards of excellence.