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Programme Overview

Self-Awareness and the inner world:

18 With A Bullet is designed for Young People to tell their own stories in their own words as to how gun, gang and knife crime issues in their local area have had an impact on them. This will inevitably bring their feelings to the surface where they will be supported in exploring their feelings with the support of the delivery team and volunteer body. They will have the opportunity to explore how they developed their beliefs and how their beliefs have an impact on their lives.

Relationships with peers, adults and authority figures:

Through role-play and performances, the group will have the opportunity to explore the link between roles, responsibilities, and their impact on relationships. They will also have the opportunity through working together with other peers, adults and authority figures to understand the importance of respect for oneself and others. The young people will be encouraged to portray and explore solutions for risk taking behaviour in their school and in their local community.

Life and Social Skills:

An underlying intention of the project is to explore the issues initially with the young people involved and then develop those young people to be peer educators by creating a schools workshop delivered by the young people for other young people highlighting:

  • Issues young adults face in everyday life.
  • Skills needed to acquire control of events, rather than being controlled by them.
  • Varieties of information available to inform decision making.
  • Confidence to make use of these information resources.

Programme Delivery

The programme begins with a 2 Day workshop exploring ideas raised from the Design phase and will adopt the format of a planned visit by a television company. The television company will consist of the CFSS team.

The production team will arrive and announce to the group, that they have two days to come up with a short five minute piece of broadcast to bid for a place on the local TV news station. The 5-minute piece is a report of issues that affect young people in the Local Authority area.

In addition, they will be told that if they were to win the bid, they would receive £3,000 to spend on developing their area. They also have to prepare a presentation to show how they would spend £3,000 to affect the effects of Gun, Gang and Knife Crime on young people in their area.

They will be divided into groups, which will in turn, become production companies and given a briefing document.

Their presentations will be shown at 5pm the following day to members of their teachers, other pupils, families, friends and invited guests.

Following the workshop, the group will attend weekly issue based follow up sessions to support the Young People in achieving goals they set for themselves around the issues highlighted in the 2 Day workshop and their commitment to Be and Do something different in the school and community.

After three months, we would take the group on a 5 day residential, where in a safe and contained environment they would further explore, at a deeper level, the issues that have led them into gun, gang or knife crime. If we were working with groups from rival communities, we would aim to bring these together at this residential phase, and would include a restorative justice element where necessary. The residential team will include at least one fully trained Therapist. The number of therapists may increase dependant on the number of young people on-site, so full emotional support can be given both during and following this phase as required.

If the 12 month follow through option has been chosen, and if appropriate, the residential would include workshops to train the Young People in being Peer Educators for Year 7 students. The participants would then mentor Year 7 students who have been identified as, living with or affected by the issues that the participants have been facing in their lives.

Having completed the residential the group would return to complete either a further 3 months or 9 months of monthly issue based follow through sessions, where participants are trained in Peer Education. These sessions would include further training and support in their work.

A highly important part of the follow through process is choosing your groups Active Community Plan (ACP).

The ACP is a project picked by the young people that gives back to the community and encourages free thinking, team work, confidence, and project management and planning.

Each group will come up with a project that will aid the community; this could range from setting up a small manageable business such as discounted car washing for the elderly or youth projects such as shows and concerts. On each weekly session, the group is encouraged to source and locate all the information relevant to their chosen project.

The ACP is the legacy of the community programme that encourages entrepreneurial skills. The projects that the young people create and establish will be made in a way that will ensure sustainability, and benefit the community or local area long after the programme has finished.