About Us

The Company Directors bring with them a wide range of skills gained within both the public and private sector. These include business management, financial experience as well as that gained in a variety of therapeutic, personal development, criminal justice, and youth work settings.

Between them, the team at CFSS they have over 30 year’s experience of working with challenging and difficult to reach clients. These include families, individuals, institutions and organisations.

Our family support service includes tailor made action plans to suit each individual or family’s need based on a full and detailed assessment these services include:

In addition, we provide a variety of programmes, which use a range of course room sessions as well as a ‘ropes day’ to allow participants to look at the issues that create challenges in their lives. A highly important part of the follow through process on our programmes is the Active Community Project (ACP).

The ACP is a project picked by the participants that gives back to the community and encourages freethinking, teamwork, confidence, and project management and planning. Each group will come up with a project that will aid the community; this could range from setting up a small manageable business such as discounted car washing for the elderly or youth projects such as shows and concerts. On each weekly session, the group is encouraged to source and locate all the information relevant to their chosen project.

The ACP is the legacy of the community programme that encourages entrepreneurial skills. The projects that the young people create and establish will be made in a way that will ensure sustainability, and benefit the community or local area long after the programme has finished.