Our Aims

At Choices Family, we see our role as:
Empowering and inspiring individuals and families to move forward to achieve their full potential and independence by providing a range of services aimed at families and individuals who are experiencing difficulties
Strengthening community by developing a sense of social adhesion by encouraging people to build strong ties to the wider community
Supporting individuals and families to develop strategies that enable them to become self–sufficient
Freedom our purpose is to ensure that we will work with clients as long as they need us to work with them in order to break free from the cycle of statutory service use. Whether this is a day, week, month or a number of years, our clients will only use this service once. The only time they will come back to us is in order to work with us as fellow peers.

The Company Directors bring with them a wide range of skills gained within both the public and private sector. These include business management, financial experience as well as that gained in a variety of therapeutic, personal development, criminal justice, and youth work settings.

Between them, the team at Choices Family they have over 30 year’s experience of working with challenging and difficult to reach clients. These include families, individuals, institutions and organisations.