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Services Overview

Counselling and Psychotherapy are ways of understanding the human mind and its reactions to life evens. At Choices, our qualified Counsellors and Psychotherapists provide a safe and confidential environment in which to explore and understand difficult feelings, confusion and anxiety. In order to resolve the immediate difficulty it may often be necessary to look beyond the presenting problems to underlying causes of longstanding issues.

At Choices, we will provide you with a comfortable and contained space where your therapist will enable you to explore what are often painful issues, without fear of judgement and to make positive changes.

Counselling can range from one session onwards. It can be time limited or open-ended and can focus either on one or multiple issues. At Choices, we would normally recommend between eight and fourteen sessions depending on the complexity of the difficulty or the method used following a full assessment and discussion with you.

Psychotherapy tends to be longer term enabling a greater awareness of personality traits and patterns thus allowing the working through and resolution of deeper-seated difficulties.

All our qualified Counsellors and Therapists are fully accredited members of BACP and all our clinical staff work within BACP’s Ethical Guidelines for Good Practice in Counseling and Psychotherapy.


Although non-profit making we are a private centre and therefore charge for our services on a 50 minute session basis. Our usual fees are:


  • £35 for individual or couple counselling
  • £35 for 1:1 play therapy
  • £55 for family counselling


  • £40 - £70 depending on the nature and complexity of the issue.

We do have a number of low cost places available for those on restricted income and we do have student counsellors on placement and seeing clients as part of their training for £6 per session to cover costs.

Please feel free to enquire about our fees without obligation.


We take referrals for our services from a number of sources, which include:

  • Self referral
  • GPs
  • Psychiatrists
  • Specialist Consultants
  • Social Services
  • Private Industry
  • Solicitors
  • Other professionals