Free Family

A two-year programme including 2 five day residentials and the support of a dedicated family partner that will take individuals and families involved on a journey of personal transformation that will enable them to become at one with themselves, their families and their communities.

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18 With a Bullet

A flexible programme designed to allow Young People to tell their stories in their own words as to how gang, gun and knife crime issues in their local area have affected them.

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Tanked Up and Tripping

Tanked Up and Tripping, like our GGKC programme, allows individuals to explore how the issues of drugs and alcohol have affected them.

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This intensive programme allows both perpetrators and victims of domestic violence alike to explore the issues around what has brought them to be where they are and how to transform their lives away from violence

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The Bridge

A programme that works with groups of service personnel returning from active service and in particular, those leaves the services in a nurturing environment free from stigma. The programme seeks to engage them in building links with the local community and developing the skills needed for the transition back into civilian life following their experiences in theatre.