Programme Overview

Ripples is an intensive programme that allows both perpetrators and victims of domestic violence alike to explore the issues around what has brought them to be where they are and how to transform their lives away from violence and abuse. The programme benefits participants by enabling them to examine self-limiting beliefs and behaviours, see new choices, take responsibility and therefore develop strategies for sustainable transformation.

By the end of the residential participants will have set personal goals around changing previous behaviour patterns.

Initially the programme will work separately with perpetrator and victims. However, where appropriate the programme design allows joint work to be conducted around restorative justice and planning for the future.

Programme Delivery

We will recruit volunteers during a 2-3 month presentation phase.

The volunteers will receive 6 days initial training via a two day workshop and 4 evening workshops.

Potential participants will attend a one day taster workshop 3 to 4 days prior to commencement of the programme.

Participants will then:


To decrease the number of repeat incidents of domestic violence in Basildon.

To increase the understanding of what domestic violence is.

To raise awareness and prevent people entering the criminal justice system as a result of domestic violence.

To allow participants:


Among the outcomes we would expect to see are: