Programme Overview

Based on consultations with Young People from different areas of the country, the design of the project is:

Self-Awareness and the inner world:

Tanked up and Tripping is designed for Young People to tell their own stories in their own words as to how drug and alcohol issues in their local area have had an impact on them. This will inevitably bring their feelings to the surface during which they will be supported in exploring their feelings with the support of the delivery team and volunteer body. They will have the opportunity to explore how they developed their beliefs and how their beliefs have an impact on their lives.

Relationships with peers, adults and authority figures:

Through role-play and performances, the group will have the opportunity to explore the link between roles, responsibilities, and their impact on relationships. They will also have the opportunity through working together with other peers, adults and authority figures to understand the importance of respect for oneself and others. The young people will be encouraged to portray and explore solutions for risk taking behaviour in their school and in their local community.

Life and Social Skills:

An underlying intention of the project is to explore the issues initially with the young people involved and then develop those young people to be peer educators by creating a schools workshop delivered by the young people for other young people highlighting:

The Tanked up and Tripping Programme is designed to reach young people who are:

Programme Delivery

We will recruit volunteers during a 2-3 month presentation phase.

The volunteers will receive 6 days initial training via a two day workshop and 4 evening workshops.

Potential participants will attend a half day taster workshop two weeks prior to commencement of the programme.

Participants will then:


To decrease incidents relating to drugs and alcohol in Basildon.

To increase the opportunities of young people excluded from school.

To raise awareness and prevent young people entering the criminal justice system.

To allow participants:


Among the outcomes we would expect to see are: